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I agree with the other posts

I personally really enjoy the game. I have only finished level one however. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the battle system (i'm not sure why they chose such an arcane way). But as the game progresses I have found it to not be all that bad. Once you unlock more actions, it seems a little better.

I have never read the books, but I do watch the series. The story seems like it will be very enjoyable. I don't think the graphics are terrible, but they are dated. I have not experienced any bugs (through Chapter 1), and I suggest you save a lot (you can anytime not in battle).

Overall, I think I will really enjoy this game. When/If you accept that this game is different from real-time fighting (like Witcher 2) and accept it flaws, it seems like it will be very fun. Hope this helps.
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