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Awards Showcase Road Map - Bronze   Achievement Guide - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Wrecker - 20

You achieved a 5x Wrecking Streak in Rampage

For this achievement you must enter a rampage event and you have to destroy 5 cars in a row without getting destroyed yourself. A good tactic to use is to let the other cars do the work for you and as soon as an opposing car is low on health, deliver the killer blow.

Household Name - 10

You reached Fanbase Level 10 Online

See Showdown Superstar

Survivor - 20

You survived for 2 minutes or more in Hard Target

In the survivor mode you are all alone, as time goes by more and more cars will enter the arena with one goal, to destroy your car.You have to survive for 2 minutes or more to get unlock this achievement. Make use of obstacles in the arena, hiding behind them and dodging through them, also looking behind and sideways to see your enemy coming.

Showdown Superstar - 50

You reached Fanbase Level 30 Online

To increase your level online you must compete in events to earn you earn fans. You get more fans for finishing first and having a full lobby. Obtain enough fans to eventually reach level 30. This can also be done in private online matches!

Silver! - 20

You completed the Showdown Tour with at least a Silver in each event

See Gold!

Showdown Haulage Co. - 20

You dropped the Flag off 5 times in a Transporter event

To play a Transporter round you must be online, grab the flag and then drive it to the finish location that is indicated. Do this five times in a single match to get the achievement. This can also be done in private online matches.

Money Maker - 20

You earned a total of $1,000,000

Earn a total of 1 million over your career. Not too difficult as you should be close to the million by the end of the showdown tour, money can also be earned online to get the achievement.

Mmmm Donuts! - 20

You completed the Donut King mission in the Yokohama Construction Site area

At the main menu select Joyride and then the Yokohama compound. The Donut King mission is in the second area of Yokohama which unlocks after completing 20 missions in the first area. Complete a double donut in and out the indicated building and under the trailer to unlock the achievement.

Stylin' and Profilin' - 20

You scored 300,000 points in a Trick Rush event in the Showdown Tour

To get this achievement you must score 300,000 points or more in a trick rush event, a good tactic is to hit all the smashes first, they are simple a will get your multiplayer up to at least x2, next completing the jumps and finally the drifts and donuts, remember not to do the same trick over and over again as you will become stale and get less points.

Loot Carrier - 20

You kept hold of the Loot for 2 minutes in Smash & Grab

To get the achievement you must grab the loot in a Smash and Grab event and hold on to it for 2 minutes. This can be done in private online matches!

London Calling - 20

You completed 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions

See Daredevil

Hitman - 20

You achieved all hit types in Rampage events

To get this achievement you must achieve all types of hits in a Rampage event. These hits do not have to be done in the same race. There are 11 different ways to damage the opponent in this game.

Here is a list of the hits:

1. T-Bone
2. Shunt
3. Side swipe
4. Head on
5. Bash
6. Slam
7. Strike
8. Barge
9. Low blow
10. Headshot
11. Overhead

Dock Worker - 20

You completed 50% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

See Hoonzilla

Showdown Showroom - 20

You own all vehicles

You can buy and new vehicle when you enter an event and are asked to select your car. Some vehicles have to be unlocked in the showdown tour before being able to buy.

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