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Awards Showcase Road Map - Bronze   Achievement Guide - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Showdown Tour - 10

You completed a Showdown Tour event in each location

You must complete a race at each location to unlock this achievement, if playing the Showdown Tour this will unlock during the 3rd tier.

Here are the locations:

- Miami
- San Francisco
- Los Angeles
- Colorado
- Nevada
- Michigan
- Baja California
- Battersea
- Tokyo
- Yokohama

Comeback King - 10

You pulled it together and pulled the opposition apart to achieve a podium in the Showdown Tour

To earn this achievement you must be in last place in a rampage event, then when the double points starts in the final 30 seconds score enough points to finish in the top 3. For the first minute and a half score enough points to be close to 7th place, then as the timer hits 30 seconds do as much damage as possible. Keep an eye out for cars with orange/red health as one good hit will finish them and give you the highest points. Hitting cars in the side does the most damage to them.

Zero to Hero - 10

You Dominated the track on the final lap

To unlock this achievement you must dominate all sectors on the FINAL LAP. If you have dominated any sectors before the final lap the achievement will not unlock, do not go the fastest in any of the sectors until the final lap.

Pro - 10

You achieved a podium in the Pro final

Pro is the first tier of the Showdown Tour. Finish in first, second or third places to get to the final. Then finish first, second or third place in the final to unlock the achievment.

No Turning Back - 10

You sent a Challenge to a friend

After you complete a race, you will be asked if you want to send a challenge to your friend. You can only send challenges to friends that have player DiRT Showdown.

Jack of All Trades - 10

You completed a Race-Off, Rampage and Head 2 Head event

This achievement will come while playing through the Showdown Tour, you only have to complete a Race-Off, Rampage and a Head 2 Head race, you do not have to win them.

Huntsman - 10

You came 1st in a Smash Hunter event

To unlock this achievement you must win a Smash Hunter event, to win a Smash Hunter event you have to smash the coloured blocks indicated in the quickest time.

Don't Push Me - 10

You got the First Blood bonus

To unlock this achievement you must enter a Knock Out event and be the first to push someone off the platform. Using your boost will help you push somebody off the platform.

Demolition! - 10

You wrecked your first opponent in Rampage

To unlock this achievement you must enter a Rampage event and wreck an opponent, keep driving into there vehicle until their health bar is empty.

Crash-Bang-Wallop - What a Video - 10

You viewed a Crashback replay

When you hit an opposing vehicle really hard a little icon will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, press to view the Crashback replay and the achievement will unlock.

Burst the Bubble - 10

You were in 1st at each Elimination period

To get this achievement you must be in 1st place throughout the whole elimination period in an Eliminator event, the most tricky part of the achievement is getting into first place before the first elimination which is within the first 30 seconds of the race. once you have got into 1st place stay there until the end of the race.

Bi-Winning - 10

You completed a Splitscreen event

From the main menu, select multiplayer, and then splitscreen, complete the race to unlock the achievement.

Balletic - 10

You completed a clean Head 2 Head run

To unlock this achievement you must complete a Head 2 Head run with crashing or bumping into anything.

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