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Originally Posted by DigiLuigi View Post
It looks like they're done with DLC, at least as far as the trials go. There aren't many bosses left to put into trials. Pretty fed up with the trials by now, so it wouldn't bother me. I'd welcome any other content, but whether they'll release anything... NG2 had only 1 DLC. Any examples of stuff they could add?
I had a few ideas in mind, they could easily add Ryu, Ayane, Momiji, and even Hayate as playable characters in the Trials, I really wouldn't mind seeing that, or even Hayate's armor for your character. There could also be Campaign DLC leading up to the events of the vampire king battle which caused Joe to go blind, I wouldn't mind actually experiencing that rather than just reading it. Or hell even DLC for story that you even control Momiji, Ayane, or Hayate. They especially need to add more weapons cause 3 just isn't enough, I miss my Dragon's Claw and Tigers Fang and Lunar Staff D: there's so much more they could do with this game but for some reason they are choosing not too...
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