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Originally Posted by Dark Link IV View Post
Funny factor, there are no servers. It is p2p based.

Next to that there are connection issues yes. But I haven't experienced that bad as you describe.
I hosted a 4 player system link game last weekend. System link. For those who aren't quite certain what that is, its our 4 xbox's being hard-wired into a router with no modem, so no connection to the internet at all.

I did this so that we wouldn't drop form the server every 30 minutes and end up at the main menu again and again. Guess what? We did anyway. How the hell this happens I don't know, but I'm hosting a game between me and 3 other xboxs, and it STILL disconnected us every hour-ish and blamed the server.

The game simply has extremely poor programming. I now know why they don't have split-screen campaign, the game's progamming couldn't cope with it.

As a note I system link games every other weekend, and have never had it drop us out before. Just this game >.>
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