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Originally Posted by Anji View Post

If you left for 2 hours it you should have 240,000 and a 15% bonus 3600.
3 hours would be 360,000 bonus 54,000.
4 hours would be 480,000 bonus 72,000.
So in 3 1/2 to 4 hours, you can go from level 1 to 24.

Sidenote: for level 13 and higher tier 3 plus players, the computer will be more aggressive because he has more skill/skills. The engineer will be much more likely to stop his hack to look for you if you are too close or to put down a turret or mine.

Level 20 players should check after 30 minutes to a hour to see if they are dead on the ground. You can get it to where he will leave you alone depending on the AI they set for that match, but things can go wrong with the super aggressive Bot.

He usually has the ability to shoot after you down him. Watch out for that bot if you are level 20 or higher.
If I leave this running for 4 hours, will I level up as the game runs, or will their be a mass level up at the end? in other words will I jump from 1 to 24 at the end or do I need to look at the game 2 hours in as I will reach the level 20 marker and may need to reposition?
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