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I would imagine the sequel would either be called City of Fear, as hinted by the Scarecrow easter egg, or, if they wanted to carry on with the current title style, Arkham World or something along those lines. However, I think there would be some complaints about a lack of originality if the story was to again revolve around the Arkham establishment, so it'll likely be something completely different, like the aforementioned City of Fear.

Presumably Azrael and the Order of St. Dumas will also play a large role in the sequel, what with the warning he gives Batman in the 'Watcher in the Wings' side-mission, and hopefully Hush will be given a fairly chunky role, rather than what was effectively just a cameo in Arkham City. Ra's al Ghul is always a possibility, especially since it wasn't made clear whether he survived or not after the Wonder Tower exploded. Oh, and Azrael mentioned the 'Gates of Hell', which could even suggest Trigon, but it's more likely to have a more metaphorical meaning.

Personally, I'd like to see villains such as Man-Bat and Deathstroke, as well as some who are classically less affiliated with the Batman franchise, such as Metallo, Parasite, or Gorilla Grodd. A character like Black Mask could also have enormous potential, and I was disappointed when he was given such a minor appearance in Arkham City after all the speculation, so I'd definitely like to see him return.

Rocksteady could also try really pushing the boundaries set by the first two games by using extra-terrestrial villains such as Mongul, Darkseid, or General Zod. Of course, you couldn't possibly have someone like Darkseid or Zod without giving them the role of either the primary or secondary antagonist, and the idea could go horribly wrong, but if, as a dramatic twist to parallel Clayface's appearance at the climax of Arkham City, it was revealed that the true mastermind behind whatever plot is cooked up in the third instalment was an enemy from outer space, the 'spectacular' rating could be unprecedented
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