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If Bane seemed half as intelligent as he is in the comics, I would want the Knightfall story arc. Not only would we fight numerous villains around Gotham, but have a big final showdown with him at the end.

Whatever the story is, Robin should be involved. Maybe even have the option of co-op (which does not ruin previously single player games for the most part).
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I would hope there's no combat challenges/achievements at least. I don't like to waste my time doing that, I prefer advancing the story and getting new surprises.
Lol good luck with that - the chances of a large component being taken out of a sequel? There a LOT in AC, yes, but save Catwoman, none of them are really frustrating or hard. (i.e. you can break your combo 4/5 times in a combat challenge and still get 3/3) Plus, I bet there about at least as many people that enjoy them (like me) as those who don't.
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