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Disappointing, but I can't say I'm surprised. It strains the mind that they didn't include all those things as standard let alone offer it as dlc. Also, it does seem as though they did treat NG3 as a beta, listened to all the complaints like lack of weapons, ninpo etc, and then put together a final version for new customers. It's most likely down to profit but it does feel like I'm being treated like a guinea pig for a game to be tested on rather than a valued customer for whom quality should be ensured at the outset.

Surely it would have been easy to determine that people would want more weapons, ninpo and character customisation than what is currently being offered. This leads me to wonder what the hell they are thinking by treating long-term fans of the franchise like this.

There probably was a similar reaction to the previous enhanced Ninja Gaiden games however, those games were still very good even without any enhancements. The quality of NG3 is, however, not as good as its predecessors so more effort should have been put into the game to make up for any of the shortfalls. In my eyes the improvements being made on NG3 for the Wii is disproportionate to the improvements made on past Ninja Gaiden games.
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