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Newcastle, March 2014 (Season 3) - (Initial Club - Fee - Summer/January Season X):
Krul 83
Richards (Man City - 12.5m - SS3) 83 - Vertonghen (Ajax - 13m ish - SS2) 83 - Tomkins (West Ham - 11m - SS3) 80 - Santon 81
Forrest (Celtic - 17.5m - SS3) 81 - Cabaye 84 - Tiote 84 - Ben Arfa 82
Ba 84 - Carroll (Liverpool - 17.5m - SS2) 82

Subs: S. Taylor 80, R. Taylor 76, Cleverley (Manchester United - 10.5m - JS2) 79, Gosling 77, Gutierrez 78, Cisse 82, Rhodes (Huddersfield - 3.2m - SS1) 74

Notable reserves: Wickham (Sunderland - 5m - JS3) 73, Butland (Birmingham - Loan, 1.5m agreed fee - SS3) 67, Leali (Brescia - 13m - SS3) 78, Marveaux 78, Bannan (Aston Villa - 8m ish - SS2) 78 (on loan)

I still recommend all players I recommended before, and now I am much happier with Cleverley's growth (he is also an excellent player). Carroll has gone from strength to strength and is much more enjoyable to play with (although he is not my top scorer this year). I can't recommend Richards enough, a fantastic player to use and probably the best young right back in the world - stole him for cheap from Man City reserves and was worth every penny. Forrest has scored plenty of goals and been fun to play with despite his lack of growth this season, however fingers crossed he'll go up a bit in the next few years.

Leali is one for the future and has got a +2 this season despite not playing - I've been really happy with him. Wickham has also been a good back up striker in the brief time that I've had him and will probably replace Rhodes on the bench next season - Rhodes seems a bit sluggish (1 goal in 11) and still isn't quite showing the growth I'd hoped.

Vertonghen has been disappointing, he has not had a single stat growth in nearly two seasons and has spent long periods out due to injury, so I'm likely to sell him in the summer and replace him with Subotic, Howedes, Clark or Dede (my summer targets before I chosen Tomkins). Nick Powell clearly has plenty of potential, but I've never managed to get him out on loan in two seasons of trying and he has barely grown in my reserves - I'm hoping next season he will prove me wrong.

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