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out of those i only played 4 and IMO it plays a lot better. i hated 4, they totally screwed up the HUD and added a bunch of unneccesary parts that made it more complicated than need be. the HUD in this game is ok, not as good as the PS2 games, but at least miles better than 4's. the gameplay itself is pretty good. i like how boost-moving doesnt use up energy at all, only when you "overboost", dash boost or etc. you can "skate" around with your jets without using energy.

they took out L and R shoulder weapons and made it into just 1 shoulder, which can either be something like rockets or missiles, or anti-missile, auto attack gun or whatever. i actually like this a lot, as i never ended up using back weapons much before, much less missiles or rockets. now you have your 2 main L and R weapons and 2 "bay" weapons which sorta replaced the back weapons, as you can switch between them at will. theres also an ultimate weapon slot which is a weapon you can only use once per mission but does insane damage.

overall i think its pretty good, definitely the best of this console generation (not of PS2 though).

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