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Originally Posted by morpheus2n View Post
It took me a day to do cod 3, day and a half to do cod 5 and i did cod 2 & 4 in less than 12 hours all on vet, but I have been gamin for 15+ years so its second nature to me

Good for you, very excited that you are so awesome.

I've been gaming for 30+ years and kick arse in online FPS but any of the CoD's on Veteran are just too brutal for me to even try. Just completed CoD3 on Hard this morning, goddamn if that wasn't the hardest shooter I've ever waded through (thought it was like other CoDs that you got an extra cheevo for Hard but I was wrong).

I too like a challenge and play almost every game on the hard or hardest setting, but CoD veteran makes me want to tear my face off with rage.
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