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What irks me the most is that the mode Team Deathmatch is not in the game yet everyone plays conflict/decoy/sabotage as if it were TDM. Tired of playing a game where the objective is literally right in our spawn vicinity yet the 5 other "team members" run off to spawn kill the other team leaving me being the lone person completing the objective and praying I dont get killed at the last second.

Another thing I hate is how it seems everyone now is using the shotgun with incendiary ammo which takes no skill.

Last but not least i've come across game lobbies the past few days where the lobby would be full (6vs6) yet when the other team is capturing the objective, the one capturing is invisible and there is no way to kill him but he kills us. I kid you not I played a game last night where a guy on the other team had over 40 kills/0 deaths and had over 17k points. I take it he hacked/glitched the server/game
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