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The only thing that genuinely gets me pissed off playing this game is siege mode. I cant stand it when the team that is supposed to cap the objective all hide where they spawned and wait for the defenders to come and attack them. These ppl need to grow some balls and ATTACK! So what if you die, at least youre not acting like some bitch curled up in fucking ball in a corner of the map, waiting for someone to pass you looking in the wrong direction.
Ive died in siege mode and then had to watch for 4mins whilst some shithouse sniper stays perfectly still for the remainder of the time. Even when the clock reaches 30secs, they dont think, 'well this isnt working, maybe I should try being a little more aggressive', instead they stay motionless praying the entire team is gonna line up in front of them and declare a ceasefire or something. Id rather die quickly with 0 kills than hide for 5 mins
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