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A few questions!

Just got a few queries and would appreciate any answers!
1- When you select a panel in an issue, it comes up with 3 faded pictures under "Herioc Feats" on the left. They colour up when you complete certain things. I know the middle one indicates whether or not you have found the stack of comics in the panel but what do the others mean?

2- Does anyone know where the bonus rooms are which require you to use different factors?

3- How do you unlock all of the alternative costumes for characters? Is it just general playing through?

4- Use squirrel girl in a back issue. Whats a back issue?

5- Using a hex with scarlet witch. Is that just using the ink attack from her?

6- How do you get hero points?

Sorry I have just finished issue 2 and am just wanting to get most things done on my first play through.
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