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Originally Posted by Restricted-Access View Post
This may be considered a stupid question... but based on the stupid people who created this "glitched" achievement... it might not be!

Bear with me, because I rented the game when it first came out, and returned it after I got all the achievements - the "single-player" achievements, that is.

The achievement description reads: "Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches"

Has anyone come in first place in ranked matches in "ALL" game modes, not just "any" game mode, on every map? I wouldn't be surprised if the description is incorrect! What other things have you people tried, in an attempt to get this achievement unlocked?

Am I right in understanding that NO ONE in the world has this achievement? Perhaps this should be escalated above EA, and talk to someone from Microsoft! If Microsoft can take achievements away (from cheaters)... perhaps they can award achievements to gamers who have been cheated?!

On that note... Microsoft needs to be made aware of this problem. The whole reason they came up with achievements, was so that gamers could show accomplishments off to other gamers, which in turn... encourages [hopefully] friendly competition and more people playing games on the Xbox - am I right???

BTW... I am thinking of picking this game up again, so I will be looking into this issue more closely!
Not all the people that got this achievement cheated to get. It is to my understanding that anyone that played the game brand new after January 2011 will get the achievement (Highly doubt it is all the players and I just heard this, I did not make it up myself, so don't shoot the messenger). A friend of mine that is a very casual player got this achievement when he began playing the game August 2011. As to how he got the achievement, he says he just played a few matches online and got it. When it comes to unlocking this achievement for those that are lucky, the unlocking part is so inconsistent that no two people will say that they got the achievement in the same way.

There has been enough emails sent to EA regarding this achievement that I believe that the only time they will attempt to fix it is when the servers for this game will be closed. There was a similar achievement for LOTR that was unlockable right before they shut down the server and I know that the fix was to simply restart the leaderboards but you never know.

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