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That's the thing though, Ninja Gaiden 2 for the xbox 360 was just so enjoyable, I had no complaints. Gameplay was fun, there really weren't all that many glitches, the game was good and needed nothing added onto it except co-op would have been nice but besides that I wasn't bothered with sigmas release. 3 however needs some serious work with the bosses lag attacking so you can't stun them, the enemies teleporting out of your izuna drop, we had to freakin pay for our 2 extra weapons and still there's only 3 of them total, only 1 ninpo that can't even kill enemies on master ninja when a lvl 3 void in 2 would clear a whole fucking group in it's path no matter the difficulty, and this really didn't bug me much of course but the limb dismemberment is absent and now present in the same game but for a different console, to top it all off they didn't even give us Dragon's claw and tiger's fang/ Blade of the archfiend. The problem here is when sigma 2 was released there were tiny things it had we didn't, that's fine. The difference here? Razor's Edge has EVERYTHING we don't for the price of a standard game. You see why this is such a big deal now?
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