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I'm only surprised about the fact that the Wii-U version is now going to be miles better than the xbox and ps3... I'm surprised that Hayashi chose to cherish Nintendo this time around instead of Sony. I just hope that sometime in the future they title update it... I don't wanna go out and buy a wii-u just to fully enjoy a game I should have been able to 3 months ago. Also the fact that the Ninja Gaiden's no longer have multiple developers and it's just hayashi responsible for them now is no longer an excuse to not give xbox and ps3 the same treatment, Itagaki always made the xbox version and hayashi ps3 and both games were different in ways, but now it's only Hayashi so I don't get why he'd wanna make one game different from the other if you kind of understand what I'm trying to say here even though I explained it very poorly, maybe he just had a change of heart but this is the worst possible time to do so... lol

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