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Originally Posted by ChickinOnaChain View Post
I had this game when it came out and was really awed by the detail of the graphics. felt like a button masher to me and was killing my thumbs, so I sold it.
Fell the same about the level of detail but if there's going to be sequel then they've already kind of blown their load, as the levels cover every kind of terrain there could be, villages, castles, ruins, swamps, deserts, snow, mountains, forests, clock towers, laboratories etc

and the gameplay needs some big tweaks, the climbing and jumping needs to be a lot smoother, as does combat.

The dodge needs to be more accurate, you can be dodging but still get hit by an enemy even if it's at the beginning of the animation for example an enemy could lift a sword above their head to hit you and but you'll still take damage before the swords near you

if combat played like Bayonetta or DMC it would be perfect
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