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LF group to knock out King of Hill

I hate Army of two multiplayer, speaking from a man who has mastered the first one this game's multiplayer is an epic fail. If you feel like I do then send me a message with Army of two 40th day in it. I am looking for 6-8 players to do all three modes. Co-op deathmatch will take some time because 4 teams x 6 maps = 24 matches, but rank that against your own individual effort and its well worth the time. Warzone is "suppose" to be random teams, so that one might take about the same matches if they mix teams. And of course there never are control matches. So if all this sounds exciting, send me a msg to gamertag Love01082008
I am in mountain time zone in the US. So east coast people I am 2 hours behind, west coast I am 1 hour ahead. When I have a few people we will schedule a time at night or on the weekends to work towards these achievements.

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