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Originally Posted by DarthSoth View Post
Invisible Bear. The second outdoor section of the mission with the underground subway entrances. If you stealth your way perfectly in the first section then the rest of the streets glitch out and don't let you move on. Your Squad stays behind the road blocks at the beginning and you are unable to secure the checkpoint. Total crap that I get punished for doing it perfect by having to reload the last checkpoint to try and get discovered so I can move on. So basically I stealth kill all enemies but 1, let that last guy see me and engage before I break his neck and move on to the next group.
Yea, I noticed this yesterday as I was trying to do the whole thing stealth. After not being able to kill all of them stealthy I figured I would just sneak past them all. It wouldn't let me so I just engaged them.

Someone brought up the same thing as you on the Ubisoft forums, talking about why the game sometimes doesn't let you progress stealthy on some parts. Ubi-Antonie said that there are some parts in campaign that they force engagements, so you can't do it stealthy.

BTW, how the hell DID you get them all without being spotted at that part??
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