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This game was such an unpolished but worthy catastrophe. My wife and I did the entire game co op from two consoles. We bagged every achievement and experienced more glitches during our 50+ hour experience than the last 5 games we played combined. I loved/hated every minute of it. There were so many boring and cliche genre tropes I couldn't help but roll my eyes. But it was entertaining. Somehow despite all of its flaws it was fun. The weapons that would magically disappear, the random grabs from zombies every five feet, the horrible graphical flaws and texture pop in, the imbalance of money earned vs. money lost, the poorly implemented combat, irritating repair system, tired fetch quests. So many annoyances the pressure behind my eyes is giving me a migraine. The flaws were apparent from the start. The opening cinematic has some of the worst screen tearing on the Xbox. What a great opening presentation. And I feel with just a little more effort it could have been stellar.
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