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Stage 5 (Cathedral)

Lollipop #31 - Once you climb over a car and enter the building for the first time, you will see a car with an exploding barrel next to it. Shoot the barrel and the lollipop will appear.

Lollipop #32 - After shooting down the floating zombies to defend your sister, you will then head into a building where you will have to save a classmate that's surrounded by zombies. The lollipop is in the back-right corner behind a car.

Lollipop #33 - A little later into the stage when your Juliet's sister is covering you from up above, you will reach a place where a bus will crash into the fence. Zombies will be coming out of the bus. After you kill them the lollipop will be to the left of the bus door.

Lollipop #34 -
Soon after collecting number 33 you will reach a cutscene where Rosalind will be throwing the wrecking ball around. After the cutscene is over, turn left and the lollipop is right behind the wall.

Lollipop #35 -
Once you're finished with the elevator falling down, you will come to another small construction place. Three floating zombies will appear in front of you. Head down the plywood slide and over to the trampoline in the corner. Just tap the buttons and finish the sequence to reach the next lollipop. If you fail and the trampoline disappears just restart your checkpoint.

Lollipop #36 -
You will soon come to a place where you will need to chainsaw all four corners in order for the platform to fall down. The lollipop is on the top of the platform so once you have chainsawed all of them the lollipop will fall down.

Lollipop #37 -
After sliding down a long pole and advancing forward, you will reach a small cutscene and will have to kill 30 zombies. The last collectible for Stage 5 will be at the far right-corner of the room.

Stage 6

Lollipop #38 - You will have to set two paths at the beginning of the stage by using QTE on the cars. After the second path is created, jump onto the ramp and continue down the street towards Killabilly. Keep jumping over the ramps and staying on the right side of the street. The lollipop will be on top of a bus after using the ramp to get up there.

Lollipop #39 - After making your way down the street as the building collapses, you will reach a road where there will be several zombies to kill. The lollipop will appear in the middle of the road after killing most of the zombies.

Lollipop #40 -
Once you are out of that small area where we had picked up lollipop 39, you will be back onto the street making your way towards Killabilly. The last collectible is a little further up the road in the center next to a few buses; you can't miss it.

Zombie Album Guide

i fist brown i

- The Zombies are similar to the Lollipop collectibles. Some will appear when playing on Normal difficulty, while ALL will appear when playing on Hard and Ranking mode.

- Also take note that some zombies will only appear on your second playthrough.


#1: Zombie Boy (George) - Found near crashed helicopter.
#2: Zombie Girl (
Mikaela) - Found in alley right after reaching your first Chop2Shop.
#3: Zombie Hazmat (Jerry) - Final boss you will fight at the crashed helicopter.

Stage 1
(High School)

Zombie Bomber (Jay) - Found in school hallway with other bombers. - Must kill him before he gets killed by other zombies.
Zombie Police Man (Ryu) - Shoots a zombie for you in the school hallway.
Zombie Police Woman (Stephanie) - Found in smoke-filled classroom.
Zombie Basket Boy (Juan) - Hard/Very Hard
Zombie Teacher (Fitzgibbon) - Teacher found early into the stage.
#33: Zombie Teacher Lady (Roberta) - Also shows up during Stage 6.

Stage 2

#10: Zombie Fire Fighter (Paul) - Ranked Score Attack & Hard Mode (Fought on rooftops w/ other firefighters)
#11: Zombie Footballer (Alexander) - Encountered early into the stage with other footballers.
#12: Zombie Fat Old Woman (Danielle) - Found in Gym
#13: Zombie Cheerleader (Josephine) - Ranked Score Attack & Hard Mode
#14: Zombie Batter (Steven) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY (Found early into the stage with other players.)

#15: Zombie Pitcher (UWE) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY (Found when using the Chainsaw Blaster for the first time on the baseball field.)
#16: VIKKE

Stage 3
(O'Bannon Farm)

Zombie Fat Old Man (Mark) - Spawns early in the Stage, must be killed in order to use Nick on the headless body.
Zombie Big Chicken (Chat) - Chicken who is fought after chainsawing the mushroom.

Stage 4
(Fulci Fun Center)

Zombie Geek Man (Tobe) - Found in room after playing the Arcade game.
Zombie Geek Woman (Anastasia) - Hard & Ranking Mode (Found in first room attacking a classmate.)
Zombie Break Dancer (Wesley) - Comes out of the elevator after the helicopter scene.
Zombie Metal Boy (Lucid) - Hard Mode (Found on the stage with the stripper pole.)

Stage 5

Zombie Punk Boy (Bill) - Hard/Very Hard (Found in Parking Garage where you will need to survive for 30 seconds.)
Zombie Punk Girl (Christina) - Hard/Very Hard (Found with #25 Bill)
Zombie Rocker Boy (Brett) - Hard Mode (Room where you will need to kill all 30 zombies.)
Zombie Rocker Girl (Samantha) - Hard Mode (Same room as #27)
Zombie Flying Man (Peter) - Hard Mode (Attacking sister when using the wrecking ball.)

Stage 6

Zombie Happy Bird (Jack) - MUST be played on Ranking Mode! (Chop2shop's turn into chickens when on Ranking Mode, #32 is one of them.)
Zombie Teacher Lady (Roberta) - You can also find her during Stage 2 when in the smoke-filled classroom.
Zombie Obachan (Marie) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY
Zombie Ojachan (David) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY


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