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I reckon I'm about half way through and my thoughts are these if anyone is interested -

The Story is very good, although be prepared for a fair bit of dialogue, especially early on. However the strength of the story is enough to keep me interested, if you're familiar with the first book you will enjoy the themes here.

The combat is ok, there's not much depth, but at least its different - there are some tough fights where you need to mix it up but its quite similar to Dragon Age - if your character is strong enough you can hack n' slash your way through most of it.

The graphics are the worst part of the game. Oh and some of the voice acting but I don't mind that part so much. What is annoying is they have such a rich universe to exploit and it couldn't look more drab, some parts of the North are as bad as I've seen on this generation of console.

Overall if you like the books or series you'll get into this, get over the looks and there is a good story there, and some decent gameplay - I'd give it maybe 5 or 6 out of 10.
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