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Cool See ya tomorrow!

High Level Party (Wednesday, June 13th, 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST)
1. o Crash Man o - 40
2. Z Yaltr - 40
3. FullmetalXFox - 34
4. GenoXiDeC vI - 35
6. -open-

Alright guys, that makes 5 players! We should be able to get it done if everyone shows up. We still have one more day to find a 6th player too, but I think we can manage if we cannot get one.

Edit: What a great group and session this was. Everybody showed up on time, had a mic and the entire party had a positive, unselfish vibe to it. We had no problem at all matching up using the language filter trick and it took less than 45 minutes (if that) to knock the achievements out. This is what an organzied group should be like and we had some laughs along the way. Cheers you guys, I'll keep all of you on my friends list!

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