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I'm stuck on the caterpillar section. I swing through the two blue "helping hands," hit the caterpillar, then slam into the thorns. I can't seem to figure out how to jump over the last set of thorns (before a portion with normal ground). I've watched several videos, but I can't tell how the players are successfully jumping them.

I can't believe how long the caterpillar section is. I wish it had a checkpoint. Watching videos, I think I can finish the level if I can just make it through this section. Thanks for any suggestions.

Edit: I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was using a short jump (tap A) when I needed a long jump (hold A). I guess on the normal levels, I never thought much about the difference since you can usually get away with hovering instead of long jump. I guess knowing the difference will help me with speed runs.

Finally got through the caterpillar (or maybe it's a centipede) and ironically did the saw blades the first time. Flipping coffins only took a few tries. Now I almost have the next room down. I'll get it eventually.

I'm glad the rest of the game is not like this. No Super Meat Boy for me! Cheers to those who can handle it.

Edit 2: Finished it. I have a lot of respect to those who can breeze through. I'm never touching that level again.

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