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Originally Posted by Mrryan12 View Post
Good times with weapons. Funniest thing I have ever watched.
^ This! Good Times With Weapons was amazing, in fact, Season 8 was my favourite season for sure.
i agree that now they all too current affairs based, but some of the old ones were the opposite, they were too stupid and random, which is funny, but if they had carried on like that and not switched too current stuff it would have gotten stale really quick, as Family Guy has shown us.

but yeh i couldn't pick one episode, but Season 8 was incredible.... Good Times With Weapons, the steroids one, Passion of the Jew, Wall-Mart one, Awesome-O, Jeffersons, the Goobacks, Douche and Turd, the Raisins one, Quest for Ratings, Stupid Spoiled Whore, Pre-School, Cartman's psychic one and finishing the season with Woodland Christmas Critters!! its absolutely flawless from start to finish
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