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Originally Posted by Market View Post
just as an FYI, there are quite a few things that aren't in this guide... it's not wrong, just lacking full detail... such as ECM's being on nearly every map on Expert, not just Cayman Global maps... I haven't been willing to go through the entire guide to write a "guide update", but I think the writers didn't play enough of the game to find out all this stuff...

side note! this was not meant to knock the guide OR offend it's creator(s)!! *all* of it is very helpful!! just leans heavily to the "incomplete" side is all..

if you're looking for advice on the game, I'm your guy... well, I should be seeing as I've got the "honor" of most hours playing it on the 360...

not sure I should be proud or embarrassed... hahaha

EDIT: wow... I went back and read this and realized how full of myself this sounds... sheesh, I apologize... what I meant here is that I'm still quite active in the game and if anyone wanted clarification or challenge tips, I'm more than happy to field questions... not that I'm the foremost expert on the game! we've found out quite a few little tidbits of info that I've not seen here, or anywhere else for that matter, but we're still finding out things about this game...

my point was not to make the creators of this seem unskilled or lacking knowledge!!

now I'm gonna sit in the corner and finish my other foot... =)
You might not be familiar with character limits on this site, which is 10,000 per post. I hit the character limit for the original guide by 2,000 characters per post, give or take, and it took a lot of editing to get it down small enough to not only not be "TL;DR", but postable as well. Some information that wasn't descriptive getting cut. With the challenge guide that's separate on this forum, there's lot of additional info there.

After reshuffling the guide several times, it came out as descriptive as possible with the least amount of characters needed. If I can change what it says and still be under the limit, I will. My guide gets the job done for anyone wanting to finish the game quickly. If a player is having trouble getting 50 EMC kills and really needs a guide to explain to them where they are, chances are you need more help than a guide can provide. There's no exploration for the multiplayer portion of the game, so needing extremely descriptive locations for every point in the game is not as critical as say, a collectables guide.

Here's the intended use of the guide for the situation you've outlined:

"I'm missing liquid armor kills. Dang. I need 5 more. What level can I play that will definitely have them?"

"Liquid Armor Kills: 50
They show up in Cayman Global levels, but will be replaced in higher difficulties. Hard is probably the best balance of them. You might have to farm these, due to how uncommon they tend to be compared to reactives."

"Ah, no wonder I haven't finished this. I've only been playing on expert. Guess I'll do Cayman levels on hard."
You are welcome to write your own guide and post it; there's nothing wrong with that if you think you can provide more information in the same amount of space. I just left the bare essentials since I was almost about to eat up my reserved DLC post. In the event that DLC is for sure not coming (it sort of looks that way, doesn't it?) I might quickly run through each difficulty once again and expand the information once again.

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