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But he's not.

He is not voicing Sam Fisher, Eric Johnson is, the only reason Michael Ironside seems to be there is as a producer of some sort. There is no reason why they need this mocap for the dialogue, this is not along the lines of LA Noire where the facial expressions actually matter, nor is it a game where the story and the characters are the most important part of the game. What do we know so far? Some terrorist group making trouble blah blah blah standard MMS with the obvious Middle-East level because its relevant BS.

No one cares about that, theres already dozens of those games and the story is almost the same each time. The reason people enjoyed Splinter Cell in the first place was because of the amazing way it took a modern day approach to the stealth genre, the fact that light and sound had a real effect on how well you were hidden, and how it wasn't afraid to say "Oh we'll apply to mainstream and just turn the game into a shooter if they want it to be as well". Three alarms and it would be over, simple as.

So no, he's not in Blacklist, and so far this is nothing but a disappointment, as stated by X360A.

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