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oh, now I feel like an even bigger ass!! lol I didn't realize you had a space constraint...

I must say again that the info you've gathered here is all excellent... maybe if I can find the time, I can go through the whole thing to see if there are easier ways of getting some of those challenges/cheevos done and slip them in here at the end... as you are likely aware, I enjoy the use of words, lots and lots of words, I might be able to help rearrange things to keep that space issue from being a problem while still adding the info I have from playing the game for 15 days... yes, that's actual game time, not sure if I should be proud of that or not... lol

then again, I do have a few little "easter eggs", so to speak, that I'm not quite sure I want to share with everyone... corporate secrets, you understand... lol

bottom line, I do love the guide, I've directed several people to it to help them with certain things they were confused by... it's all good information and I apologize again for coming off the way I did in some of the previous posts... last thing I want to do is alienate the little community I've grown to enjoy...
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