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"Does this game get good?" Bluntly (but honestly) not really. I'm a big fan of Silent Hill, and games of a similar type but when it came to Downpour I was just wanting to be done with it by the radio station. Some of it is great, I love the outside area and the heavy rain but it hardly evens out the negatives. Every area I went to I couldn't wait to leave. The combat is so bad, the frame rate problems although it only happened occasionally were irritating. There had been the odd glitch, I experienced the door one also. I just finished my hard playthrough going through as quickly as I can, my end playtime was 2 hours 46 mins. Just one more playthrough to get my full gamescore but when I do think of Silent Hill, Downpour certainly won't come into my thoughts. Thankfully I bought the HD collection also so that will win me back over after this game gets shelved.
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