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Originally Posted by xD Rick View Post
I had some issues with the game, but anywhere near the ones you having.
The sensor sometimes mess up my moves, like when I stretching my arms straight ahead to go for the hud vision and the sensor understood I was raising my arm and put me in to the periscope vision, or turned on the high speed mode.
But the real challenge for me is to change ammo, no matter what I do, I can rarely put up de HEAT round. The sensor just donīt understand it.
It is a fun game and all, put aside the really high dificulty, but I think Kinect doesnīt like me, no matter how much I want to like him...
I do wish that it was as smooth as the demo video made it look but sadly its not. That HUD problem you speak of is terrible. I will be randomly and sometimes rapdily put in and out of HUD because the positions of my hands. The fact that you are supposed to be in a small space and all the items are compacted make mistakes all the more common. I was able to activate the Heat Rounds once and I had to fight damnable hard for that.

This is no easy game either and its only made worse when the controls don't behave properly.

I will come back to this game at a later date and after I move the sensor above my TV and maybe it will be a better experience. Still as I have said other games for the Kinect don't give me this problem.
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