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If the lag is that terrible then you're playing with the wrong people, I don't have THAT many problems on U4 but it is pretty buggy, to solve the issue on the 1st wave make sure you and your partner are far from each other, if you guys get close it makes the enemies confused and try to attack both of you which causes the lag combat and the enemies won't be stunned. Same things for waves 2 and 3, and the last one marbus usually about 90% of the time will go for host, so host needs to lead him off while the partner takes out alma as fast as possible, I haven't perfected marbus yet but I've found it useful if you make it to him right away when he gets stunned you can pull off a full X forward XXX combo, the one where you lunge your sword and teleport about 2-3 times, then just prepare yourself to dodge his shoulder dash.
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