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I honestly got this achievement last as I was level 81 already (no oghma infinium glitch) so I didn't see the point in doing it on my primary account. Heres an easy guide to get it without leaving the main holds in Skyrim :P Sorry its so late.

~~A Guide to the 50 Fastest Skills Book YOU can find in Skyrim~~

By Steeltachi
So I obviously believe it will be easier to show you where mass portions of them are and their locations rather than list them by what they give you, you may search that if you like. Also I have listed them from fastest to longest travel times from the original spawn of each place, unless of course I list a place with 1 book. Places are arranged in order from most to least books as well.
Our journeys will take us to all of the main holds of Skyrim and then some so make sure your map is pretty full or you know where youíre going. Remember to that you can sell your stolen books to a merchant then buy them back and they will no longer be marked stolen, if you would like to keep them. Also skills will sometimes limit where you can go and what you can steal so make sure youíre a decent level.
Note: Iím only listing doubles that are in the same city, so something like the Herbalistís Guide to Skyrim will be in Whiterun but not Markarth because you would have already gotten it if youíve followed the guide correctly.
~Whiterun~ 11 Books*
The Black Arrow Part 2- The Drunken Huntsman, behind the merchant counter.
Enchanterís Primer- Valentinaís House, next to her bed on the top floor.
Withershins- Temple of Kynarteh, second shelf on the bookshelf to the right
Death Blow of Abernanit- The Hall of the Dead, in the Whiterun Catacombs on the left.
Herbalistís Guide to Skyrim- Arcadiaís Cauldron in the back room on the table.
Biography of the Wolf Queen- Belthorís General Goods, on the cupboard to the left laying face down
Hallgerdís Tale- Jorrvaskr Hall, on a table between the dining area and the stairs to the living quarters. (Only available before taking over Whiterun)
The Marksmanship Lesson- Jorrvaskr in one of the rooms with an elven sword case. (Only available before taking over Whiterun)
Songs of Hrormir- Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, Aelaís room if you follow her to bed she leads you to it or you can just simply find it there is only 5 single person rooms. (Only available before taking over Whiterun)
The Armorerís Challenge- Skyforge on the forge next to the various armor and weapons.
Before the Ages of Man- Dragonsreach Jarlís Quarters, go up stairs to the double doors then take a right from the dining room. (Be sure to grab the Stone of Barenziah as well which is to the left not the right)

~Windhelm~ 7 Books*
Ice and Chitin- Not really in Windhelm but itís in the room under the bridge that goes into Windhelm.
A Game at Dinner- New Gnisis Cornerclub, on a dresser on the second floor.
The Red Kitchen Reader- New Gnisis Cornerclub go under the staircase and look bottom left on the floor
The Black Arts On Trial- White Phial store located near the main merchant area near the forge, it is behind the merchant counter
Thief- Argonian Assemblage, be careful on this one as they may kick you out I recommend sneaking
2920, vol 10 Frostfall- Belyn Hlaaluís house behind the dresser upstairs
2920, Second Seed, V5- Sadris Used Wares, behind the merchant counter
~Falkreath~ 6-7 Books*
Liminal Bridges- Falkreath Watchtower inside tent
Racial Phylogeny- Corpselight Farm on the bookshelf to the right when you first enter
Light Armor Forging- Lodís House(Pickpocket/Lockpick only) basement on top of a corner barrel
A Dance in the Fire, Book VI- Dead Manís Drink Tavern, behind the merchant counter
The Legendary City of Tor- Falkreath Barracks, upstairs on top of a chest
Du Rerum Dirennis- Grave Concoctions, under baskets in the right corner

~Dawnstar~ 5 Books*
2920, vol 09- Hearth Fire- Mortar and Pestle shop, behind the merchant counter
The Art of War Magic- The White Hall, up the lefthand staircase on a table outside of the room
Response to Beroís Speech- Iron Breaker Mine, on a barrel
The Wolf Queen Book I- Dawnstar Jail, I donít recommend going to jail ever but yeah itís in there
Cherimís Heart- Quick Silver mine, this mine is located by the house thatís near the ship in the water

~Riften~ 3-5 Books*
Advances in Lockpicking- Ragged Flagonís Cistern(You must complete part of the Thieves guild to enter here) or you can grab it when escaping Riften Jail(Not Confirmed-Riften Jail)
Surfeit of Thieves- Mistvail Keep, go the the Jarlís quarters and look at the night stand.
Fire and Darkness- Ratways Warrens, Esbenís Room, heís that guy you find locked behind the door who is part of the main quest. Do not try to go to him if you didnít go there for the main quest already otherwise you canít get in.(Not Confirmed)
Beggar- The Ratways, go to the room with the table in the middle or go to Haelgaís Bunkhouse Upstairs.
Purloined Shadows- Honorhall Orphanage, go the the bed room for the extra servant girl, itís in between her bed and the nightstand.

~Markarth~ 4-7 Books*
The Warriorís Charge- At the foot of the Jarlís bed on a table (Lockpick/Sneak/Pickpocket needed)
Mystery of Talara, Book VI- Nepoís house in his room which is the back right one
2920, vol 02- Sunís Dawn- Dibellaís Shrine, Inner Sanctum on the bottom shelf 4th one in from the right
Proper Lock Design- Cidhna Mine, behind a locked cell door youíll need high lockpicking skill or be able to pickpocket the key off of one of the leaders working there
The Importance of Where- Guard Tower, down the stairs on the right on the beds
2920, vol 04- Rainís Hand- Hall of the Dead, on the right of the Shrine
A Dance in the Fire, Book VII- Arleif and Sons Trading Company behind the merchant shelf
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