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Easy Reader Achievement

~Morthal~ 4 Books*
Complete Catalogue of Enchantments for Armor- Falion’s house, on the 3rd shelf by the enchanter
2920, vol 06- Mid Year- Guard House, right of the fireplace behind the basket and barrel
The Locked Room- Highmoon Hall, up the right staircase on the top of the book shelf furthest left
Aevar Stone-Singer- Thonnir’s House, bottom of the bookshelf beneath the basket

~Solitude~ 3 Books*
The Golden Ribbon of Merit- Fletcher’s shop, he is near the smith in solitude
The Rear Guard- The Castle Dour, the entrance is through the small tunnel next to Fletcher’s Shop
The Buying Game- Bards College, top floor room to the right on the top of a bookshelf

~Winterhold~ 3 Books*
Breathing Water- Kraldr’s House on the basket on the first shelf you see
Mystery of Talara, Book III- Birna’s Oddments, upstairs on the right hand table in the corner through the door
The Exodus- The Frozen Hearth, in the cellar. Go straight from the stairs then when you get to a bunch of wooden boxes look right and jump onto them and look down. This one is a difficult find as it’s wedged between a box and a pillar.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but yeah, first time posting anything worth even looking at on xb360achievements :P
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