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Originally Posted by WaKK0r View Post
Bought the game immediately on release day and played it quite some time. Tactical Challenges 1 - 5 were quite challenging but 6... well, it made me rage and feel damn hopeless like not so many games before... So i came to the point where i said FUCK IT TC 6 CANT BE DONE. At that time only a handful people had completed this game and there was only 1 video of an asian guy who beat it(and he got pretty lucky @ wave 5...).

I gave up.

...Now, over a year later, i think i can do that shit. It will take some time to get a feel of the game again but THIS TIME i won't retreat... Starting tomorrow or maybe a bit later.

Wish me luck guys.
I got through the first 5 challenges in a day, and tried 6 for a few days and got extremely angry! I left it for about 6 months, came back and knocked it out in a week, the break helped me out.
So it could work for you!

Good luck!
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