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Originally Posted by DOPE BOI View Post
I think most of us have been looking for a game that uses the Kinect for more than gimmicks and games that feel like shovel ware.

Now this could just be me and a failure for my Kinect to behave the way this game intended. I never have my Knect sensor on, so I made sure everything was setup to optimal standas.

While in the cockpit my virtual arms were flailing all around even though I was sitting with my hands in my lap. I wasn't sure if it started picking up my knees or what. When trying to look around, I felt like I was swatting at bees. At one point I was lost by the kinect sensor and in the middle of shooting the game stopped. I was taken to a screen were you have to sit and strecth out your arms and then stand and do the same.

When the Kinect controls work, its pretty cool. Having to actually stand up and put your left hand to your face like holding binoculars and move the right analog with your right hand. While its immersive, it feels awkward. The controls for the controller is fine and handles well but it stops there.

I really wanted to like this game and play more of it. Yet getting past the first level was just to frustrating and proved difficult when having to fight poor Kinect controls. The constant zooming in and out because the Kinect thought I was reaching forward, etc. I wasn't even able to fist bump my side-loader because my virtual arms were shaking like Michael J Fox on 5hr energy drinks while jumping on a trampoline.

Maybe a day-one or later update will fix these or maybe its just my setup. Though the other Kinect games were I have to stand work fine.
The problem sounds like not enough light. I've experienced similar things in other games, and the solution was to turn on lights.

The best place for them is behind the kinect sensor. overhead lights can sometimes cast weird shadows that mess with Kinect, so instead have a lamp or two BEHIND your kinect. Most importantly, never have lights directly behind you. They'll shine on the Kinect and make it all sorts of screwy when trying to register your movements.
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