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Originally Posted by Biologymaster View Post
I found that aside from the new characters it wasn't much different from Storm 2. The survival mode got extremely tedious and the tournament mode was sloppy and poorly put together. I felt the game makers just slapped half a game together and put as little effort as possible into it...

It's the same game with a couple bells and whistles added and is marred by some really poor gameplay choices. I would not recommend it, especially not for $60. Oh yeah, if you're also concerned about achievements, it's an irritating grind fest...
THIS^ It's a fun game but they really cut back on the story mode (I didn't made the roaming too much) and completely removed boss battles, which were arguably the best part about Storm 2. As for online, I found myself not playing it as much as I did Storm 2 (though when I did, I would stick with tournaments).

But yea, this game feels like it could have just been an add-on, DLC, or update to Storm 2. My advice would be to go for that one instead. Or perhaps wait until a Storm 3 comes out which will probably be when the series ends.
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