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Originally Posted by Worhammer View Post
The problem sounds like not enough light. I've experienced similar things in other games, and the solution was to turn on lights.

The best place for them is behind the kinect sensor. overhead lights can sometimes cast weird shadows that mess with Kinect, so instead have a lamp or two BEHIND your kinect. Most importantly, never have lights directly behind you. They'll shine on the Kinect and make it all sorts of screwy when trying to register your movements.
Okay Ill try putting a light behind it.

I was actually thinking that after I posted my first attempt. Like I said I will move it higher up and above my TV and try some light behind it. I just cant be bothered right now, there are tons of other games I have to finish.

Played Seseame Street with my daughter and everything thing was great but this game requires much more precise tracking.
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