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Just used my last save at the start of chapter 13. Once you get suits that have more inventory slots, you're laughing. Whenever you get to a store, you can fill your entire inventory with med packs and ammo, and just blast everything with reckless abandon, healing yourself when you take any amount of damage. I still have more than 300,000 credits, and although I can see myself buying a LOT more med packs and ammo from here on, I think I'll have more than enough. And if not, I can make at least 400,000 credits selling the fully upgraded guns I haven't used at all.

I've died only twice so far, and both were in Chapter 10. Both times were because I was too stingy with using my ammo, as that's the normal way of playing Dead Space games. Old habits die hard!

This exploit has turned hardcore from something I wouldn't even bother attempting (because it would frustrate me far too much) to something completely manageable.

EDIT: Rather than make three posts in a row, I'll just edit this one to say that I've now beat Hardcore. I was shocked at just how easy the last three chapters were. As long as you're quick, you don't have to deal with many enemies at all. I did take quite a few hits in the final enemy rush, where you're running towards the marker with loads of enemies spawning non-stop, but I healed after every hit, and was in no danger of dying at all. I ended up using hardly any ammo at all compared to chapters 10 through 12.

Now that I've finished, I think I was wrong to second guess my save points (right after the duping exploit at the start of chapter 2, at the start of chapter 10, and at the start of chapter 13). The only one I'd probably recommend changing is the last one; I'd actually wait until the eye poke machine at the end of chapter 13. Even if you're really good at it (I've never died in it, even on my very first playthrough), it's still unnerving, and there is a tiny bit of luck involved. Also, everything else in chapter 13 is really easy (although some people might prefer to save at the rotating lasers instead).

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