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Originally Posted by mosin360 View Post
I really disliked the first game. Took two attempts to finish it and that was a pure 'gotta just beat it' grind.

Everything that annoyed me was fixed in the second game. I loved the visuals, the game play, the upgrade system, and all the modes. I'm glad they changed the game up and now I can't wait for the third game. Hell, I even 1000/1000 and didn't even realize till the last mission in vendettas that I was going to.
How would there be a third? The Darkness is gone. Jackie permanently killed himself with the siphon and the Darkness was taken out with him. If the Darkness's host is dead it can't continue to exist. They're both trapped in hell as the Angelus said. Guess it doesn't matter he damned his own soul for the sake of saving the woman he loves, he apparently shouldn't get a second chance because he's 'too dangerous'. Pff, Angelus bitches too much.
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