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Originally Posted by LizardKingv666 View Post
I found one possible solution on another threat:

"ReD S1X" posted that he played the game again on casual diffuculty and the achievement popped after finishing the first chapter.

I will try this as soon as possible.

Can anyone confirm that it works?
I tried this, both by selecting the episode and the chapter, and by pressing the new game option. No luck getting the achievement to pop. Though i skipped through the cinematics cause i didn't have too much time to test.

Also tried replaying the last chapter on casual instead of hardcore, no luck there either.

Any other idea's on this?

EDIT: I read "ReD S1X" post, and he said that he finally got it to pop on Episode 3 Chapter 1, i only got through Episode 1 Chapter 4. So looks like this still might be a viable option.

DOUBLE EDIT: Replayed by clicking on 'new' option and played through till Episode 2 Chapter 1 on casual and got mine to pop. (success!) Since 'ReD S1X' got his after Episode 3 Chapter 1, it might be a bit random. Just play through it again on causal (you probably need to get journals/tech points anyways) and you will get it to pop eventually.

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