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"When You're A Jet" achievement video guide

Note: I recorded these on the Dreamcast version but I'll be VERY surprised if anything changes for the Xbox version

GENERAL TIPS: 1: You want a character with the highest Graffiti rating. Higher rated characters have harder tags, but earn a lot more points for them. Off the bat, Gum is the only character with a maxed out Graffiti rating.
2: You want to do the larger tags first before the police show up to break your combos.
3: Only pick up the cans you need. They take a while to respawn so don't pick them up if you're already maxed out.
4: Green tags are optional but highly recommended
5: Goji is by far the best character in the game so try to unlock him as quick as you can
6. If you fail to get JET rating and then save, you wont be able to play the mission again until you come back round to it in New Game+. The exception to this is the Jet Graffiti, Jet Technique and Jet Crush missions. These can be replayed anytime once unlocked

Shibuya GG:

Love Trap:

Love Attack:

The Monster Of Kogane:

No 540:

Kogane Circus:

Benten Boogie:

Graffiti High:

Noise Reduction:

Bantam Street:

Grind Square:


Benten Burning:

Fight Or Flight:

Behind The Mask:

Badges provided by

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