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Gamebreaking Citizen in Peril Glitch

I think I may have encountered this...

I have 99.6% complete.
- all minikits
- all red bricks
- all characters (except supergirl)
(you get the picture)

I am missing ONE citizen in peril (and his accompanying gold brick).

All levels show that I have the citizens in them. I've spent what seems like hours pouring over the map looking for a purple dot, in addition to painstakingly flying around gotham with the peril finder on.

Is there a tricky one I'm missing? I am colorblind so I'm hoping I just can't see the dot, but I've spent so long looking I am losing hope. I dread that the game just failed to register one that I saved (the game crashed several times throughout my playthrough. What a shame, I could've easily 1000/1000 the game in about 5 more minutes if I knew where he was.

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Thank God. My non-colorblind girlfriend pointed out the purple dotted bastard lurking in the shadows. For some reason the peril detector didn't go off until I was on the ground near him.

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