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Dead online, who wants to play?

Hi there as the title says, this game is dead online. I have been searching for 2 days and found only one game after many many attempts. That game was filled with arrogant french brats that voted to kick me the moment i stepped in, "pr*cks", probably ruined their precious boosting game. Anyway thats the only game i found so i was wondering if there is anyone out there that fanzy a match or 10 online. Need 5 more to start one. I am also after survivor mode and to do 50 waves just send me a pm on my gamercard and ill get back to you hopefully 5 more people would join and we can have a good match online . As you can tell i am a bit of an achievement hunter so i will definitely try to get what i can, and return the favour I dont usually request like this but its such a shame when games dies out online as its forcing me to do this
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