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glitchy DX DLC achievements fix

Ok, so the HELP "Metal Sonic" achievement not unlocking thread details a fix for the people having trouble with the Sonic Adventure DLC stuff not unlocking. I am one of these people, I can't get these damned DLC achievements to work and I'm tired of trying to figure out why without autistic retards making up BS claiming its "YOU SAEV CORRUPTED", 'SEGAS SERVERS', or 'YOU'ARE NAT SETTINGS...' which is utter baloney.

x360a is the ONLY place where I've seen people resolve this issue.

The Metal Sonic thread is a mess and gets off topic a lot, but it says there was a fix at one point. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there was no official patch for the game, the 'patch' Sega implemented was replacing the Sonic Adventure download meaning you have to delete and download the game again for the fixed version. You can tell which one you have based on the size of the game as it appears on your system. In a nutshell, if its 1.6 gb big you will probably get screwed. A newer fixed version was released that is 1.5 gb big. The 1.5 gb one will also allow you to unlock 2 of the bugged achievements if you already met the requirements on a save for the crappy broken version.

for the Dreamcast Collection version the DX DLC is compatable, but the DX achievements will glitch no matter what. The game save is interchangable with the XBLA version thankfully meaning you SHOULD be able to salvage your blood, sweat, and tears and get the DLC achievements (granted you get the non-buggy downloadable version).

currently the Sonic Adventure on XBLA will download to your system as a 1.6 gb file. Sure, it will say the game is 1.5 as its downloading, but it will appear as 1.6 gb on your system before its even finished downloading. As in somehow the buggy old version is back up for download.

Someplace somewhere, I came across a forum post that stated Sega 'fixed' Sonic Adventure because they were getting a lot of complaints about it. In other words, if you are experiencing problems go to

and complain
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