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Chapter 7 [Two Total]

1. After your first main fight in the desert, proceed to kill everyone and in the area where the fighting stops, before going to marker, look for a stop sign with lots of bullet holes in it. It will be next to a dead guy perched up against a sign. The collectable is taped to the stop sign

2. Shorty after the first intel, you will come to a place with lots of burning bodies and then fight 2 guys and a juggernaut. After this fight proceed to marker. BEFORE going through the door, look to the left on the ground. You will see some docs. Make sure not to go through the door because you wont be able to go back out

Chapter 8 [Zero Total]

Chapter 9 [One Total]

1. Right at the beginning of the Chapter, instead of rappeling down, turn around and head towards the back wall. You will see an American flag hanging up. This is the intel

Chapter 10 [Two Total]

1. When you begin the level, head forward and into the tent. You will then exit this text after couple of steps and enter another one. In the tent you just entered, look to your right and you will see a table with the intel on it

2. Proceed on and you will get into a fire fight where your are helping some other soldiers. After this, a soldier will push open some doors and let you inside where theyre at. There will be a cutscene, and right after the cutscene you will see the intel on a table in front of you. Very hard to miss

Chapter 12 [Two Total]

1. After your first main fight in the area, you will come to a part where you must zip line over to another building for the first time. Zip line over, take care of the guy, and you will then see some stairs going up. Instead of going up, look to the right of the stairs and youll see the intel in a small crate

2. Proceed on and eventually you will come to another part where you must clear the area of bad guys, and then zip line down. Do that and proceed on. You will now go up some stairs and come to a black light room where everything is neon. Continue on until you see a set of stairs leading up. Instead of going up, continue past the stairs and go towards the back corner of the room. You will find a bathroom, and inside is the intel.

Chapter 13 [Two Total]

1. Right after saving your first partner and the big fight in the first area, you will drop down to another area. In front of you, you will see a yellow tent. Go past the tent and look to your left

2. After the cutscene where you find your other partner, proceed on a towards the marker and when your about 18m away, look to your left. You will see the intel on a makeshift table with some candles

Chapter 14 [Two Total]

1. After the big first fight, continue on and go upstairs. Intel will be on a chair to your right as you get up the stairs

2. After your fight with a notable person, go inside the building and clear the room. The intel is on the American flag in the left side of the room around a big map and some candles

Chapter 15 [Two Total]

1. After going up the elevator, proceed forward and the after very first left you take, you will notice a set of stairs to your right. Go up these stairs and the collectable will be at the top on a table


2. In that same area as above, but this time, don’t go up the stairs. Continue pass those stairs and turn left. In the back on a table you will find the last intel


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