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Tip For Beating Giant Fire Warthog on Brave Difficulty

Okay, this is by far the most annoying portion of the game.
You get all the way to the last tiered battle, only to be stopped by the second boss; the giant fire pig. Be sure your ice arrow and shit is fully upgraded, as well as health potions.

Now, instead of running around him in circles like the guide states, stick your ass to the bottom edge of the map. What you do is lead him around the bottom rim of the map, shooting ice arrows at him while you backpedal the entire time. He wont be able to charge because he's too big to form a fast straight line when you're that close to the edge.

When I say close to the edge, I mean CLOSE. Eventually he will be able to shoot a straight line at you. When that happens, try to turn around and go the other way, but turn TOWARDS the bottom edge. If you fall off, you lose barely any health and you're where you want to be. Otherwise, you'll get hit by him and lose half of your health.

Seriously, this all you have to do. If the little fire pigs come at you, just kill them with one charged ice arrow. You should be moving quick enough that the spear guys won't be able to hit you.
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