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Originally Posted by ChickinOnaChain View Post
I'll never understand why people ask "should I get this game". Look at some reviews...ask your friends, not strangers...look at videos on the it and decide for yourself.
Lets not forget the fact that alot of youngsters think if its not or close to MW or BF its not worth getting it. I always find it funny how those kids compare every bloody shooter game with those two games even if its not close to it at all.
But to be honest i had alot of ppl that said they didn,t liked the demo that much and rather skipp the game, then again i def enjoyed it so much i played the demo a few times again and again inbetween waiting for it or when i got sick of the slow pace it takes to get the last levels up in rank for Ghost Recon.

I think alot of gamers depend alot of what others say or when friends say they don,t like it, so i don,t like it attitude, but i never do that i just play a game when i think the story is intresting or the actual gameplay screens or vids do look nice, even if a game gets not realy great scores in reviews i had plenry of games i still played and enjoyed.
As for Spec-Ops The Line you can,t compare it with games like BF or MW firstly its a 3th person shooter while the others a FPS, and in this game you realy face some points where you have some moral choices to be made that not show off right away if it was good or bad and what the devs said about it there is a tin line between wrong or right or good and bad. I think its a big part what sets this game out from other games where its basicly just gun and run.
Final verdict! Just give it a go yourself Don,t go on what others say that much, what they might like u don,t and the other way around
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