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Originally Posted by TVthePunisher View Post
I just downloaded the 1.5GB file and it appeared as 1.6GB for me as well in my storage. I haven't started the game yet as I purchased it here with this sale this week but...I'm concerned, fearing that once I do everything these DLC achievements won't unlock...

Anyways, I'm just confirming I have the same issue with having a 1.6GB file appear on my console like yourself. Hopefully someone comes in here with a fix or answer...why it lies and says it's 1.5 on the Marketplace I don't know.
So the glitch is back then . I downloaded the game when it went on sale in December and from that point on it was fixed , the size of the game then was 1.5gb. Now that another sale has come around they have clearly messed it up again. The best thing to do is wait until the sale ends and download it again and pray that it is the 1.5gb version because if it is the 1.6gb then your chances of getting those DX achievements are 0%
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